Mission and Purpose:

My mission is to authentically share my life’s adventure of going for big goals; the great parts, as well as the challenging ones. Currently ‘my game’ is a successful professional sales manager in the corporate world and living my passion, creating You Are Strong.

As a previous collegiate athlete, I bring the same fire and drive to you in the You Are Strong program. Encouraging, and sometimes lighting a fire under you, to stop sitting on the sidelines!

You Are Strong will:

Inspire YOU -  

You will step into a place of knowing your true passion and dreams and be ready to take INSPIRED ACTION. You have a passion within, it’s time to live it. The world needs people with Passion!

Challenge YOU -

I will challenge you to STEP UP your game.  Growth comes from doing something you’ve never done.  Get clarity and determine YOUR NEXT STEP.  Gain the support around you to move from FEAR TO FAITH.  With growth comes success and intrinsic happiness!

Empower YOU –

Feel the power within.  You will grow your mental game which empowers you to step out and not only go for your big goals but reach them!

You WILL up level your game. 

What is You Are Strong?

You Are Strong is a program designed for YOU.  It doesn’t matter if you are a tenured professional/entrepreneur or an athlete reaching for bigger goals and dreams. Diving into the You Are Strong program will give you the tools to LIVE LIFE ON PURPOSE and ACHIEVE WHAT YOU WANT.

Are you ready to do GREAT THINGS?  The things you have only dreamt about, but didn’t think was possible?

Maybe you’ve known for a long time you are meant for something bigger. However, you feel stuck, and locked in to your current life.  How do you go from where you are TO WHERE YOU TRULY WANT TO BE?

Guess what??   You don’t have to stay stuck and in a life without passion.


You will discover the steps to take and gain the clarity to start taking inspired action and begin MOVING FORWARD.

It is time for to you become a high performer and give yourself permission to dream big and get clarity on a plan to reach it!!

It is time for you to transform your Fear to Faith.

It is time for YOU to do Great Things.